I Value Your Privacy Integrity and Cookies

The purpose of this Privacy and Cookie Policy is to provide information on how and why spicegrafix.se collects and processes personal data.

Spicegrafix.se processing of personal data complies with current rules for the protection of such data.


Legal Basis for the Processing of Personal Data

Processing of personal data is not allowed unless there are valid reasons. Such reasons may be, for example, the consent of the registered person, an agreement (an entered into agreement) or that we, as responsible for the processing of personal data, have a legitimate interest that has greater weight than the data subject’s requirement for privacy.

Our reason for the data processing is normally that there is an agreement and in some cases that the data subject has given consent. When the processing of your personal data begins, we always provide information about the reason for the data processing.

If spicegrafix.se is to process personal data for children under 16, the consent of the guardians is required.

Spicegrafix.se Use of Personal Data

I collect and process personal data so that I can fulfill our agreement with any customers, but also to be able to provide good service and inform about my products and services. The use of personal data in connection with marketing activities is based on consent that you can control by not accepting this agreement or by turning off cookies in your browser.

The information I record is ex. name, phone number and email address. I collect information from the registered member myself.

Disclosure of Personal Information – Use by Third Parties
Registered personal data is treated confidentially by me, and only those who need the information in their work will have access to it. As a rule, I do not therefore share personal information with anyone outside spicegrafix.se.

However, in some contexts, I may share personal information with my partners, such as Facebook or Google. Sharing of personal data with third parties is a case of personal data processing which requires that certain legal conditions are fulfilled. These conditions will primarily be the consent of the registered person, so you as a registered person will always know my possible disclosure of information. Please note that under certain circumstances, I am obliged to disclose your personal information.

Storage and Deletion of Personal Information

I will not disclose your personal information to others unless there is a legal basis for it. Examples of such reasons are usually that you have entered into an agreement with me or that there are legal reasons that compel me to do so.

All processing of personal data I do is in the EU / EEA area. Spicegrafix.se deletes your personal data without undue delay and no later than 6 months when the information is no longer necessary for the purpose they were collected. They are also deleted if you withdraw the consent that underlies the processing of the data or if you oppose the processing and there are no weighty justifiable reasons for the processing. I have clear deletion routines for each data processing activity.

If you revoke your consent to the processing of personal data, my processing of your personal data will cease, but this will not affect the legality of a data processing based on your consent and which occurred before your consent was revoked.

Your Rights

You have the right to request transparency, correction, deletion (unless I am obliged to save the information), limitation of data processing and disclosure of your personal data (data portability). In addition, you can request that I terminate the processing of your personal data (for example, by withdrawing your consent). If you wish to exercise one or more of these rights, I will comply with your request within one month of receiving it, provided that I am not required to act otherwise. Any inquiries can be sent to my e-mail address, info@spicegrafix.se

If you feel that I have violated the rules for processing personal data, you can complain to the swedish Datainspektionen.

Feel free to contact me at my e-mail address, info@spicegrafix.se if you have comments or want more information about my processing of your personal data.