The importance of making your site responsive

Fact: About 13% of your Swedish visitors use a screen resolution of 360×640. The same figure for the entire internet is about 23%.


Fact: Almost 46% of your Swedish visitors use Chrome. The corresponding international figure is almost 60%.



This is good to know when building websites. As you can see, just over 11% use desktops with full HD when surfing the web.

The importance of the right theme for your website

As a web designer, I have to consider everyone. If 100% of everyone who visits my site were on a desktop with fullhd or mobile with 320px width, it would be easy. The problem is that those who are entrepreneurs want everyone to have an equally good experience when they visit the site, regardless of screen resolution or browser.

Today, most web design themes are responsive. This theme is definitely just that, and it’s relatively easy for me to make it look ok. The theme I use is called Ultra and is made by Themify. It is their most developed theme, prepared for Woocommerce, for example.

If you want to avoid the difficulties with mobile adaptation, you should use a really good theme. Most of these cost money. You will recoup the investment in time, believe me.

Some things to keep in mind
  • Keep in mind that even though most people use mobile when browsing your site, you should always use large enough images for your hero image (usually a large image that covers the entire page at the top) to work in full HD. Nobody wants to see pixelated images.
  • To make the page look 100% in mobile mode, you may need to be able to or learn css.
  • Your page will behave differently depending on which browser you use.
  • Test your page in an extension in your browser that shows what it looks like in different formats. There are add-ons where you can even specify the type of device you want to simulate, ranging from Iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy s7 to Desktop. Search for extensions. Google is your friend. Nowadays Google Chrome has this built into the Inspector.

Does that sound difficult? Let a professional build the site for you. They can help you from start to finish.